Cherished Angels Exclusive Columbarium

Olympian Legacy Gardens

You’re invited to experience our 175 Urn Space Exclusive Cherished Angels Columbarium at our Olympian Legacy Gardens, offering complimentary (No Charge) columbarium inurnment space and opening/closing with optional memorialization to provide dignity for infants and children whose time was all too brief but who, nevertheless, have captured our hearts.

A Parent's Love
We didn't have to look into your eyes
To fall in love with you.
We didn't need to hear your cry
To know you loved us too
We didn't need to hold your hand
To cherish you for always
We shared our hearts
You touched our souls,
You sweetened our spirits
You gave us memories, we will always hold dear
Yes, our hearts ache since you departed too soon
But, a parent's love does not end with death
For you are our child,
Forever our love is yours
- Kathy L. Schmucker


Shrine of Remembrance
America the Beautiful Chapel
Funeral Home, Mausoleum, And 2 On Premise Crematories
Off-Street Parking for over 200 Vehicles
(walk-ins welcome)

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