The Best Investment You Will Make For Your Family’s Legacy…

Live The Way You Want To Be Remembered

During this unprecedented time, we understand that families cannot have regular funeral services due to social distancing.  So, for a LIMITED TIME, the first 250 families who purchase a niche in our gardens or mausoleum columbariums and already have the cremains (ashes) in their possession will receive a certificate for FREE (value $675) use of our most-impressive “America the Beautiful” Chapel for a future celebration of life/memorial service by May 31, 2021, regardless of where the cremation took place.  You must reserve a tentative date and time for the upcoming celebration of life/memorial service when you purchase the niche. In addition, the certificate will also provide FREE (value $995) use of our exclusive Olympian Plaza Reception and Event Center. A very elegant, one-of-a-kind, private, all-inclusive facility with off-street parking for all your guests and family. Must see!  Further you will save over 50% when you purchase a niche from us and compare it to the cost that you would have to pay for inurnment at The Saint Mary’s Cathedral or the Mount Saint Francis columbariums.  They will ask you to pay $4800 – $5500 for inurnment of only 2 people. 

With our new, soon to be installed (we expect it to be erected within 60 days), The Song of Mary Columbarium we will be offering an estate niche for up to six family members for only $6000, or a niche space for up to 3 family members for only $3000. The price above includes an everlasting bronze plaque with all the appropriate names you wish to memorialize now. This is an exclusive new plaque we introduced 2 years ago that allows you to put personalized photos of family members on the granite tile with beautiful images of your choice as a background. You must see it to experience the beauty and the legacy this new columbarium will afford your family. Our new The Song of Mary Columbarium will provide legacy and memorization for the cremains of 1104 loved ones when fully occupied and the location and price will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. This new columbarium edifice will surpass your expectations in beauty, design, and reverence like no other columbarium. You will save $$ thousands! To be assured of this best low price a purchase must be made and a reservation for the date and time of service must be requested. There is a full satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, after 120 days from the date of the agreement, you will receive a 100% refund.

We have over 20 different columbarium locations throughout our facilities where this offer currently exists and you will always have the right to change the location as long as the niche is not occupied. As long as it is vacant, you can upgrade to any location you wish and receive full credit for what you previously paid.

We expect to soon have the ability to broadcast our services live so that a larger number of people may attend them from a distance.

“Having closure and peace of mind never felt so good… We have everything you’re looking for

and even things you aren’t.”

We have everything you’re looking for and even things you aren’t.

– Costas Rombocos

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