Cheryl is first and foremost a lover of Jesus Christ. Through her love for Him, she showers love upon all of her family and friends.

Cheryl was born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut, moved to Georgia for a season, and settled in Fayetteville, North Carolina for many years where she began to raise her family.

While Cheryl served happily, fervently, and faithfully at Manna Church in Fayetteville NC, she grew a deep heart’s desire to live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She learned that Manna was planting a sister church in Colorado Springs, Colorado and there was a Mother in need of help with her three small children, of which one needed special care, while her husband was deployed by the military. Cheryl eagerly stepped in to help and God gave her favor to be hired as their live-in Nanny. As a result, she became a God Mother to the children and a very dear friend to their parents.

She has been victorious over many trials that may have flattened others. She remained steadfast in her Christian faith through each of them and ALWAYS gave recognition to her Dad/Abba Father, Jesus Christ, and God’s Holy Spirit for each victory.

In her book, “While You Are Resting, I Am Working,” she shares in detail some of the hard times that God has lead, walked with, and [at times] carried her in His arms to the other side of each situation where victory awaited.

Cheryl radiates the fullness of life unabashedly on Earth, as well as in Heaven. She shared her life of abundant joy to every single person she met this side of Heaven! Her booming laugh, gorgeous big smile, servant’s heart, and gentle spirit drew many to her for encouragement, Godly wisdom, and companionship. To know her was and is a cherished gift.

In her latter years, she gave of herself as a devoted Caregiver and friend to the elderly.

On Earth remains her sons, Amario Willie Glenn Bennett and Alan James Bennett; her sister, Donna Toms-Spicer; her brothers, Anthony Curtis Toms and William Nathaniel Toms; nieces. Brandi-Danielle Marie Doss and Brianna Nicole Doss; grand children, Aiden and Alana Bennette; grand niece, Alexandria Juliette Doss-Gordon; her “favorite brother-in-law,” Richard Don Spicer; daughter-in-law, Demetria Bennett; and sister-in-law, Margaret Dansby-Toms.

For those who love the Lord, Jesus Christ, we’ll see you again at His perfect time, Cheryl! And just as we know you would want, we pray that anyone reading this and does not yet know our Jesus personally will make the decision to receive Him as their Savior and make Him the Lord of their life just as you did. So that they, too, may live a life of over abundance on Earth [no matter the circumstances] and right into eternity in Heaven with Him … and you.

We love you!

Cheryl’s Life Celebration will be held live in person and live stream Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 3:00 PM MST / 5:00 PM EST

Pikes Peak Christian Church, 4955 Bradley Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80911

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  1. A beautiful smile reflecting a beautiful soul! Although I did not meet you, I see in your brother a strong family of faith and love for Jesus/Abba/Father/God. Blessings to all.

    1. I am Cheryl’s little sister. Thank you for your warm words extended toward our family.

      Many Blessings,


  2. Cheryl was a beautiful soul here on earth towards me and Joy. Her caring spirit to allow us to stay with her at a time in my life when I could use the help to make a transition in my life very much needed at the time. This helped us get along to reach the next phase in our lives of what God had in store for both me and Cheryl. Because of Cheryl’s heart and how she loved to help others and offer a place of refuge; she in turn was given Favor to live her life in a place where she shared with me “she dreamed of going and living one day soon; Colorado” and it happened. And both me and my daughter were able to move on and get the help I needed and are blessed to have my own home again. Praises be to God for Cheryl and her beautiful homegoing service and her lovely family: all of them; especially Donna, Rich and Brandi-Danielle & Brianna. May God continue to wrap you all closely in His loving care 24/7 and may you often bring up the fond memories we all share individually and collectively of such a loving soul, Amen.

    1. Thank you so much, Tanya! May God continue to bless you and Joy in your new home and in all of your endeavors for His glory and your and Joy’s enjoyment and good <3.

  3. A wonderful lady blessed me with a balloon two days ago. She wrote on the balloon instructions to use it to symbolically release my burdens and give them to God.

    Immediately after my sister, Cheryl Thomas’, Life Celebration, Rich Spicer, Bri Nicole, and I took the balloon to the back yard where the many trees rained colored leaves.

    [Cheryl adores the fall season]

    We each held onto the attached string and, individually, shared some intimate words to Cheryl. Together we released the balloon in her honor symbolically letting her know that we will be alright and to not look back to any thing that would keep her from enjoying the fullness of the joy of our Abba’s presence.

    We watched as God’s wind carried the balloon in a beautiful, sporadic trail as it went higher and higher until we could no longer see it. Yet, the affects of the wind remained to be seen and was felt against our skin as well.

    Just as the Spirit of my Lord literally carried Sis’s soul and spirit up to Heaven to be burden free, He (God’s Spirit) carries the burden of each of our hearts. In addition, He comforts each our souls.

    Yes, it is well with our souls. 💞

  4. Cheryl was and will always be “My Favorite Sister N Law”. When ever we were together Cheryl was always a great inspiration to me. After she came to know the Lord there was No turning back and she grew spiritually very quickly. Always reading her bible kept her close to her God. She called Him her Daddy, Abba Father. She was so in love with the Lord. No matter what the situation, when we were together we would have lots of laughs and then Sis was always there if you were struggling with something. She would go to the scriptures and find in Gods word verses that applied to that situation and read it out loud. Many times it would be several verses and then it was time to take it to the Lord in prayer and pray she did. I will miss those times but Cheryl will always be in my heart and with me in Sprit. I Love You Sis!
    Your Favorite Brother N Law, Richie

  5. I am just seeing this news and in tears:( Cheryl allowed my one year old daughter and myself to live with her during a hard time! It was so awesome to be in that peaceful environment, her home was a blessing to us, it is where my daughter took her first steps! Cheryl loved the Lord so much, she was so faithful and loved to worship our Lord. She just sent me a message a few weeks ago so I just cannot believe it. I am sad for us but I know that she is jumping for joy with the Lord.

    1. It comforts my heart to know that Cheryl blessed you and your daughter so. Thank you for sharing, Beth.💓

  6. We said goodbye to our friend Cheryl. I learned so much from you, Cheryl, About trusting God, resting in His provision, worshiping boldly & always consulting Him with decisions. I’m still learning! Pastor Joe said it right when he said that he didn’t know anyone who loved Jesus more than Cheryl. I’m trying to imagine you with an even bigger smile in heaven! Until we see you again…

  7. Donna my heart is so broken to see this. I loved her so much and she was such a loving and caring person. I remember when she allowed my son and I to stay with her. Oh my goodness it’s still hard to believe but she is in the loving arms of her daddy.

    1. Compassion is her spiritual gift. Serving women in need was, indeed, God’s purpose for her this side of Heaven. It blesses my heart so much to see how many women she intimately helped pne on one. Thank you for sharing 💓

  8. What a true warrior of our Lord and savior!! Cheryl you will be deeply missed. I loved coming to church to see your bright, beautiful smile that lit up a room. It was genuine- a rarity. Your wisdom was unmatched, always seeking father first- what a true example of what it Means to be a woman of Christ. Unashamed, proud, loud and always ready to share it with all the world to see!! Well done my dear friend! A warrior till the end! Good and faithful servant always willing to help others.

    Much love,

    Aniscia Bellusci

  9. Cheryl….what a legacy you’ve left behind! I will never forget the tenacity and love for Jesus that you showed in all circumstances. You have been a solid source of encouragement, a powerful prayer partner, marvelous mentor to both me and my kids, and best of all….a friend that was brought to us from God. You always spurred others on to walk as close to God as possible and your worship was spirit moving. The love you had for Jesus reflected in everything you did. Thank you for giving to the Lord so selflessly with your time, talents, and life! Well done…..well done! 💕

  10. My Beloved Sister Cheryl,
    My heart is broken with grief beyond
    measure. What is this I hear that you
    have gone on. I just spoke to you days
    ago; we praised our Lord for the progress
    in your healing journey. Yet the journey
    has become that of your eternal rest
    with ABBA.
    As I bow before ABBA in disbelief and
    sorrow of heart of the news of your
    passing, heartbroken that you passed
    from this world into eternity alone, the
    compassion of ABBA comes to comfort
    my broken heart. He says to me, “How
    could she have been alone when I
    promised that I would never leave nor
    forsake her?”
    Suddenly I have a vision of you with your
    hand in the hand of our Lord Jesus. You
    turn to look at me with the most
    beautiful smile, with that contagious
    laugh and speak these words, “How could
    I resist Him!”
    Song of Songs 2: 10 My lover spoke and
    said to me, “Arise, my darling, My
    beautiful one, and come with Me.”
    I thank our God for bringing us together
    in service for His kingdom purposes. He
    blessed us to be part of prayer teams,
    church plants, and outreach ministries.
    Thank you for your support of King’s
    Daughters. And continual love and
    faithfulness in advancing the kingdom of
    God, bringing glory and honor to Him
    alone. I will always remember you as a
    Worshiper, a Sister, and Friend.
    Love and blessings,
    Deborah Wallace & King’s Daughters

  11. I am so sorry for your loss. Cheryl was one of my small group leaders when she lived in Fayetteville. What a pure hearted and loving woman! I know she is dancing with Jesus. God bless you and your family. Cheryl has left a big hole in this world. May we all learn to have faith and love like she did.

  12. As I sit and grasp the loss of Cheryl, I think of her beautiful smile and passion of service. May God continue to bless her legacy and the spirit she leaves with all of us

    1. Thank you for sharing, Donald 💗

  13. Cheryl Thomas was a true freind , confidant and a great listener, Cheryl would always make time to actively listen to me, and was always very careful about the counsel/ advice she give me, Cheryl always wanted to make sure that her advice / counsel was from the word of God! She was compassionate, caring and would always go out her way to help others! CHERYL favorite statement would be who could i bless while in my own mess! CHERYL ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A BLESSINGS TO anyone no MATTER what she was dealing with! She was a prayer warrior, and a radical worshiper of JESUS Christ! She had a truly loved God with all of her mind , body, soul and strength!

  14. My sincere condolences to Cheryl’s family!
    She was a beautiful person through and through. She was warm, loving, caring and had such tremendous faith! I always enjoyed listening to her talk in that exuberant way about her daddy and all He has done for her… and oh that smile, it was glorious!!! I was blessed to call her friend and will miss her tremendously! Sure made a big impact on my life! Rest in Eternity Cheryl! I love you my sweet friend! Until we meet again! Cindy ❤️

  15. Our loving and sincere condolences with continued prayers for the family of our dear and precious,friend and sister in Christ, Cheryl Thomas. Every day we feel the pain of not having Cheryl here with us…where we can call and talk,laugh,pray, and just check in.♡ She has been a blessing to our family throughout the years. She was a god mommy to our two children,Josiah and Pheobe and always gave lots of love and encouragement to them in the growing years. She was there in their early years of life and was the one who taught Pheobe to walk. The kids miss their dear, god mother and great encourager soooo much!! We as a family, hold dear every wonderful memory with her. We remember,her love,smile,fiery prayers of faith, her enthusiasm in talking about Daddy God,Abba, talking about our favorite TV shows, our favorite foods, and also, sharing testimonies. When I think of how our lives have been touched and forever impacted by Cheryl….surely it feels as to be touched by and angel.♡ She will always be honored,remembered,and highly esteemed by us, the VonWalds. Her leaving all of us…has been so painful in the miss of her role and tangible presence here on earth. We are only able to get comfort and peace in knowing…God is Faithful and she is with Him and we will see her again in Heaven. Until then, her legacy of love and faith…encourages us to keep moving in faith and run the race set before us, to finish well and make the most of our moments with a “Yes,Lord” in our heart in worship of our lives to Him. Again, to all her family…we love you and pray for you as you walk in the moment by moment miss of dear and precious,Cheryl. ♡ ~ The VonWald Family

  16. Cheryl, I love you sooooo much.. We spent SOOOOOOOOOOOO much time together…. I remember the day you came in the salon to get your hair done and I was So hungry. I shot by you with my 2 Shrimp EGG Rolls… Lol and ate them “SO” fast before you could sit dwn in my chair! LOL. We laughed about that sooo many times… Here I am never thought I would be here writing this way😭.. You are so loved.. You took care my children and we had the strongest Mother/Daughter RELATIONSHIP EVER!!!.. I will keep you forever in my heart..

    Cheryl, I love you sooooo much..

    Your God daughter Joyce and your God Grands “The Poole Crew”♥️♥️♥️

    1. Thank you for sharing, Joyce 💞. It was a pleasure speaking to you. Continue to grow on the Godly things Cheryl shared with you.

  17. I met Cheryl last year when she hosted a small group at Manna Church. I was immediately struck by her infectious smile and warmth. She made sure that each of the women in attendance were comfortable and felt at home. Loved how she took everything to God and she taught me so much about living completely on faith. I had been feeling stuck for the last few years when Cheryl became the answer to a prayer. She taught me so much about the woman of faith I want to become. Grateful for the opportunity to know her. Thank you for sowing seeds that will reach so many generations. We are all better for knowing you and being loved on by you. Until our paths cross again in heaven.

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