The Shrine of Remembrance has some of the finest Columbariums in Colorado Springs. We offer one-of-a-kind, above-ground, indoor and outdoor Columbariums with decadent statuary throughout the Shrine of Remembrance. Our exclusive Columbariums will be perpetually maintained and cared for on our meticulously landscaped grounds. Columbariums offer impressive remembrance sites to honor and preserve the legacy of the family inside. One fantastic example of our Columbariums is the Liberty Columbarium at our Veterans Honor Court, which showcases numerous war theatres and peacetime memorials. This Columbarium is made of beautiful imported Bahama Blue granite and weighs over 12 tons. It is crowned with an imperishable bronze sculpture from Italy depicting our nation’s symbol, the bald eagle. This bald eagle towers more than 14 feet high, making for a majestic monument. If you have any questions or would like to receive an escorted tour of our Columbariums with zero obligation, please call us at 719-634-1597.

Cremation Columbarium of Freedom
Freedom Columbarium at our Veterans Honor Court
Nike of Samothrace Cremation Columbarium
Nike of Samothrace (Winged Victory) Columbarium

Nike ( Victory )

This first-of-its-kind magnificent solid granite sculpture, weighing over 9 tons with its Bahama blue granite columbarium, is a breathtaking life-sized replica of “The Winged Victory of Samothrace” in the Louvre Museum, depicting Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. “The Winged Victory of Samothrace” is thought to have been sculpted around 200–190 BC. Over 10 million people visit the Louvre in Paris, France, each year and see the Nike statue in the most prestigious site, the grand staircase. 

Please read below to learn its legendary story.


The Nike of Samothrace has been described as “the greatest masterpiece of Hellenistic sculpture” by H.W. Janson (Renaissance sculpture specialist, chairman, and professor of the department of art, New York University, 1949-1979)
According to the Louvre website, this exceptional monument was discovered by Charles Champoiseau, French Vice-Consul to Adrianople (Turkey), in 1863 on the small island of Samothrace in the northwest Aegean. It was sculpted using Parian marble. The base depicts the prow of a battleship, which is carved of gray Rhodian marble.


Nike was the goddess of victory in Greek mythology, depicted as having wings, hence her alternative name “Winged Goddess.” She was the daughter of the Titan Pallas and the goddess Styx, sister of Kratos (power), Bia (force), and Zelus (zeal). The four siblings were companions of Zeus, and Nike had the role of the divine charioteer, flying above battlefields and giving glory to the victors.

Nike is also called Victoria.

The original sculpture was created to not only honor the goddess Nike but to honor a sea battle. Nike fought with the Olympian gods against the Titans. Therefore, it is considered a representation of the Olympians’ victory. 

Pope St. John Paul II Cremation Columbarium
Pope St. John Paul II Columbarium - Olympian Legacy Gardens
Columbarium of Remembrance Main Chapel Mausoleum
Meditation Columbarium Main Chapel Mausoleum
Colorado Springs Columbariums
Meditation II Columbarium Main Chapel Mausoleum
Community Columbarium of Roses Main Chapel Mausoleum
Patio Niche Columbarium Gate of Heaven
Patio Niche Columbarium Gate of Heaven
Colorado Springs Columbariums
Columbarium of Paradeisos Gate of Heaven
Victory Community Columbarium for Veterans and First Responders
America the Beautiful Columbarium
Colorado Springs Columbarium
Old Glory Columbarium together with The El Paso County Sheriff's Memorial honoring the officers who have passed away in the line of duty
Colorado Springs Columbarium
Garden of Angels Columbarium
Our Risen Savior Columbarium
Together with the Newest Song of Mary Columbarium in the rear offering family estate niches for up to 3 or for up to 6 family members
Crowned with a most revered solid bronze statue of Jesus (sculptured in Italy).
Memorialization at its finest with state of the art bronze plaques for personalized photographs and inscriptions
Caryatid I Cremation Columbarium
Exclusive Estate Columbarium - Caryatid I
Caryatid II Cremation Columbarium
Exclusive Estate Columbarium - Caryatid II
True Love Cremation Columbarium
The new True Love Columbarium (for the inurment of pet cremains together with their owners) at the Olympian Legacy Gardens.
Colorado Springs Columbariums
Garden of Tranquility Columbarium
Colorado Springs Columbarium
Garden of Tranquility Columbarium facing the most impressive Rock of Ages waterfalls and Liberty fountains.
Colorado Springs Columbarium
Columbarium of Faith Main Chapel Mausoleum
Columbarium of Acacia and Faith in our Main Chapel Mausoleum
Colorado Springs Columbariums
Columbarium of Acacia Main Chapel Mausoleum
Pope St. John Paul II Memorial Statue - Gate of Heaven
Ethel Merman Community Columbarium Main Chapel Mausoleum
Columbarium of Ascension Main Chapel Mausoleum
Colorado Springs Columbariums
Garden of Angels Columbarium
Cherished Angels

You’re invited to experience our  Exclusive Cherished Angels Columbarium at our Olympian Legacy Gardens offering complimentary (NO CHARGE) columbarium inurnment space and opening/closing with optional memorialization, to provide dignity for infants and children whose time was all too brief, but who, nevertheless, have captured our hearts.

A Parent's Love
We didn't have to look into your eyes
To fall in love with you.
We didn't need to hear your cry
To know you loved us too
We didn't need to hold your hand
To cherish you for always
We shared our hearts
You touched our souls,
You sweetened our spirits
You gave us memories, we will always hold dear
Yes, our hearts ache since you departed too soon
But, a parent's love does not end with death
For you are our child,
Forever our love is yours
- Kathy L. Schmucker


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