the first crematory in colorado springs since 1967 at the main chapel mausoleum
two crematories in operation current on premises

Cremation Services

At the Shrine of Remembrance we are proud to serve your family with cremation services like no other.

Please Note all Medicaid recipients are welcome and will be served with no compromise. Click here to learn more about our Medicaid services.

When you search for cremation options and the cost of cremation in Colorado Springs there are a lot of choices. Please note, not all cremation services in Colorado Springs are what you will expect. When looking at low cost cremations it is important to understand what you are paying for. Many cremation providers transport your loved one to a remote facility away from the funeral home where you made the cremation arrangements. Some direct cremation providers even operate out of their home. In many instances, unbeknownst to you, the deceased is transported to another city (Denver or Pueblo) to be cremated. On the other hand, all of our cremations are done on site at our personal crematoriums and you can be assured that your loved one will always be under our professional care. We only perform cremations for our own client families. Several other funeral homes provide cremations to a multitude of competitors and cremation brokers. In addition, the shrine of remembrance is offering a free niche space for the inurnment of cremains exclusively for first responders and veteran cremations. The shrine of remembrance has been serving veterans since 1967 and we feel honored to serve our nation’s veterans and their families in their time of need. Furthermore, the shrine of remembrance has cremation options like no other. For example, we offer beautiful cremation gardens for scattering of cremains and breathtaking columbariums made from imported granite for placement of cremated remains.

Seeing is believing. Please call 719-634-1597, or visit to learn more about the services we provide.

Since 1967, our 50+ years of experience serving the communities of Colorado Springs with
cremations is most transparent in every step of our service. We are not providing cremation
disposal services like many of our cheap cremation competitors. We offer several meaningful
options to provide dignity and closure for your family to honor your loved one. We don’t try to
sell you things or services you don’t need. See photos of our beautifully landscaped grounds
and facilities as well as the everlasting columbaria featured throughout our perpetually maintained gardens and the interior of our mausoleums.

Most local and out—of—town cremation brokers do not own or operate a crematory, cremation gardens, or columbaria. Some of them don’t even have the basic death care facilities for the services you will need. Should you choose to have closure and memorialize your loved one elsewhere, in many instances they would discourage you in coming to visit our all-inclusive facilities for fear that you would learn the difference. We don’t mind you visiting any of our competitors.

There are 3 distinct options available to you when you choose cremation:

1) Direct Cremation — Direct Cremation does not require embalming, casketing, or dressing
of the deceased. Cremation will take place only after the death certificate has been
completed by a doctor and/or coroner, the disposition permit has been obtained from the
health department, and the cremation authorization form has been signed by the closest
next of kin. Cremation takes place in a combustible container. The cremated remains
(cremains) will be placed in either a standard utility urn (a strong plastic box which is the
standard of the industry) or in an urn that the family has selected. Cremains may then be
returned to the family or they may be placed in a columbarium niche. We have many urn
and niche options available to suit your needs. Scattering is also offered in our beautiful
Rose Gardens and bronze plaques are optional for memorialization.

2) Immediate Cremation with Memorial Service to Follow — This is similar to the above
option, except that the family chooses to plan a memorial service with the cremains
present in the urn for the final ceremony. Most people choose our “America the Beautiful” Chapel for the services. We can seat 200 people in the main chapel and another 125 in overflow areas of our mausoleum. We are repeatedly told that our Shrine chapel is the
most beautiful funeral home chapel in the state of Colorado. Unlike others who have
limited parking, we have off-street parking for over 200 vehicles surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds with soothing water features, including museum quality statuary.

3) Traditional Funeral Followed by Cremation — This option allows you to plan for a
traditional funeral service. The body is embalmed, cosmetized, dressed, and placed in a
beautiful ceremonial casket. When our exclusive Spartan Cremation Bed is utilized, you
will not need to purchase an expensive casket, but instead we will offer you a choice of
luxurious ceremonial caskets (valued at up to $4000) for the viewing and funeral service. This alone will save
your family several thousand dollars. After the funeral service the deceased is removed from
the ceremonial casket and placed in a combustible container for cremation.

These three options are guidelines for making at-need cremation arrangements. Our funeral
directors will assist you in making selections that will provide your family with closure and peace of mind. You can also pre-arrange any of the above options to freeze the cost of your cremation and other professional services at our current prices when you wish to plan for the future.

Ask us about our Celebration of Life services offered through our very elegant Olympian Plaza
Reception and Event Center, 975 S. Union Blvd., directly across the street from the funeral
home. It is licensed for up to 300 people with off street parking for over 200 cars and full catering including liquor is available. Must

Cremation Planning

Funeral pre-arrangements and preferences for services after your loved ones passing are a highly personal matter.

Making pre-arrangements allows you to make your wishes known. You will help your loved ones through the grieving process by reducing their stress during a difficult time and decreasing the amount of decisions regarding what you would have wanted.

In addition, pre-planning will grant you a significant discount as you will lock in our current
prices for cremation and all other professional services saving you all future inflation. This allows you to obtain the best dignified cremation services available at an affordable price. The Shrine of Remembrance is the most prestigious funeral home in the state of Colorado and we are prepared to professionally take care of your loved ones cremation with dignity.

When you compare, there is no comparison. From its flawless service to the effortless access to
amenities, the stately Shrine of Remembrance funeral home and mausoleums reigns supreme. 
All of our facilities are best-maintained through an irrevocable perpetual care trust fund in
accordance with Colorado law to transcend through the ages. Seeing is believing. Please call
719-634-1597, or visit to learn more about the services we provide.

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