Our Columbarium of True Love

for the Inurnment of Pet Cremains Together With Their Owners

Dale D. Douglass, retired American professional golfer, won tournaments at both the PGA Tour and the Senior PGA / Champions Tour level. Shown with his sister-in-law, Barbara Lebsock, and Maltese, Princess Isabella, at the Columbarium of True Love. (Mr. Douglass’ wife, Joyce, is entombed at the Shrine in the Alcove of The Risen Savior)
Dale D. Douglass bringing flowers for his late wife's crypt,
with Costas Rombocos holding Princess Isabella at the True Love Columbarium
Memorial service attendees at our exclusive Columbarium of True Love, a special place of beauty and solace for inurnment of family members who love their pets and wish to be inurned together.

Good Friends Deserve an Extraordinary Legacy

True love never ends, even with the loss of a pet, at the awe-inspiring Columbarium of True Love. This thoughtful new place of remembrance with its flawless quality is a true work of art, like no other columbarium edifice of its kind. It invokes solace, smiles and, like all of our indoor and garden columbarium niches and mausoleum crypts, is built to last through the ages. Because human and pet cremation have become so prevalent, it is now possible to memorialize not only your loved ones but your beloved pets as well, together, at no additional charge. This is not a pet cemetery or a pet columbarium, but rather it allows the added niche space to place the cremated remains of your beloved pets together with you. The names and photos of you and your pet can be inscribed on a personalized, everlasting porcelain cameo photo in a bronze-framed plaque on the front of the niche space.

This exclusive 9-ton monument of imperishable bronze and granite art is a testament to your deep and abiding love and the faithful friendship of your cherished pet, providing a one-of-a-kind companion legacy.

A Promise Kept

Words cannot convey the splendor of this columbarium and setting. You must visit the location to experience it for yourself. By acting now, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your wishes regarding your beloved pets will be made known and carried out at this exclusive and beautiful columbarium for no extra charge.


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