Jesse George Ricks was born on November 18, 1981 in El Paso, Texas, and was the third of six children. He recently graduated from the University of Denver with his Master’s Degree.

He will be remembered by his friends and family for his sense of humor, creativity, and gifts with children. Jesse had the ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face, and enjoyed laughing just about wherever he was. He will forever be known for his abilities with children. His greatest joy was to witness the wonders of the simple things in life through a child’s eyes. He had the greatest patience and respect for every child he knew, and made it a point to treat every little boy and girl as a valued and precious individual.

Children flocked to Jesse to see what magical things he could create, what funny stories he would tell, and loved to share their imaginations with him. He was a haven for them, offering the security of an adult, the comfort of a peer, and the entertainment of a magician.

The world was truly a better place for his having been here.

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