Roy Carter Wills passed away on April 11 at the Pikes Peak Hospice Center.

He was born in Colorado Springs on July 14, 1941 and graduated from Palmer High School. Eventually, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy for duty during the Viet Nam era. To his final day, he proudly flew the American Flag in front of his house. He was thrilled to have served aboard the Navy’s ocean-going ships and, in his heart, he was always at sea. This love of the sea carried him on an adventure to be aboard the vessel IslandBreeze, in August 1996, to explore the site of the Titanic sinking.

He loved animals and was a regular contributor to Animal Rescue charities and was always there to help friends and neighbors alike. He developed a specialty as a landscape craftsman. The yards surrounding his home were outfitted with custom dog ramps, petting platforms, and special hideaways that wound around numerous landmarks including a two-story windmill. Neighbors that walked by could always drop their dogs off for a brief romp in the landscape.

In the end, he was with family, but no one closer than his beloved canine, Chewy. That evening the little dog jumped onto the hospital bed and into the weakened arms of his master. Within minutes they were both asleep and shortly thereafter, Roy passed away. He is survived by his brother, Thomas; sister, Virginia; and nieces: Karin, Sharon, and Laura. Uncle Roy, as he was known by family and friends, will have his final resting place as he wished – at sea.

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