In loving memory of Anita Louise Oliphant (Herrera) who passed away on October 7, 2023, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Anita was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 21, 1960, to Marjorie Malatia. Marjorie had four children: Warner Milatz, Richard Milatz, and Sharon (Williams) Carrasquillo.  

While growing up in Chicago, Anita met her now ex-husband, Victor Carrasquillo.  They married and decided to move to Colorado and had a baby girl on February 18, 1981.  Anita never left Colorado after that.  She enjoyed the changing of seasons and loved to travel around to see sights in Colorado and along the states.    

Anita was a hard worker, working multiple jobs at that time, but retired from the Air Force Academy after 24 years of Civil Service.  Anita came to meet a gentleman by the name of Kenny Oliphant that brought her so much happiness for many years.  Kenny and Anita were not together at the time of death, but always stayed close.   

Anita is preceded in death by her mother, Marjorie Malatia; her brother, Richard Milatz; her nephew, John Garcia; and her oldest granddaughter, Gabriella Roberto.    

She is survived by her daughter, Angelic Carrasquillo; her son, Brandon Herrera; her two living grandchildren: Isabella Dennis and Mosiah Dennis; her nieces: Rosie Good, Martina Martinez-Morella (Milatz), Teresa Garcia, Inocencia Martinez-Morella, and Dominque Avalia (Milatz); and her nephews: Martin Milatz, John Sanchez II, Martin Milatz II, and Donato Martinez-Morella.

If you would like to send flowers, please send them to Shrine of Remembrance, 1730 East Fountain Boulevard, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80910.

If you would like to donate towards her cremation, please go to her GoFundMe page under Anita Oliphant.

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