Evelyn “Evy” Reed Jones passed away on February 6, 2021 surrounded by her family and in the arms of her loving husband and soul mate James “Jim” Jones.  Jim was the most loving, supportive, husband, mate, lover, friend, and protector of and to Evy for over 27 years.  Evy was 73 years young  upon her passing and was born on October 3, 1947.  She was blessed with two wonderful children and two wonderful step children, a son and daughter-in-law and seven awesome grandchildren, many “honorary” grandchildren, seven siblings, many nieces, nephews, cousins and dear friends.  No matter where her next journey takes her, Evy will carry their love with her as surely a piece of her love will remain with each of  them.  Evy has left us to go to Jesus, and to those that preceded her, including her father Eugene, mother Mavis, son Devin, grandmother “Aunt Rose”, Aunt Mae, Taketa, Bon Pappy, Nolly, Polly, Nanna and all her benevolent ancestors and loved ones who are now greeting her on the other side. 

Evy remains forever grateful to the teachings of John Lieby for giving her tools to reclaim her life and to her beloved Jim for giving her a safe haven in which to bloom, grow and LIVE.  Through her spiritual teachings she lived and taught the following words of the Ho’Oponopono forgiveness blessing, “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you.”  Evy believed love, forgiveness, and gratitude are the greatest to live by.  She leaves behind a life of blessings and taught all those whom she knew how to lead and live a life of grace, love, caring and courage.

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