James “Jim” Green, longtime resident of Colorado Springs, passed away peacefully at his home on December 12 at 94.  It is with great sadness that we bid a final farewell to our beloved father. Jim was a man of many talents, interests, and hobbies. People were drawn to his upbeat friendly nature, and as a result, he acquired many lifelong friends. He enjoyed the camaraderie of his pals, especially those who shared his love of fishing and hunting. Jim had a great sense of humor, and was quite the raconteur, often regaling his pals and gals with many a tall tale. His irrepressible nature allowed him to enjoy life to the very fullest.

James Monroe Green was born in Duncan, OK on January 31, 1929 to Mabel and Monroe Green. He was born into a family with two older sisters: Corrine and Mary Elizabeth (affectionately known as, “Biddy”). Tragically, the family lost both daughters at relatively young adult ages. As the youngest, and only boy in the family, “Little Jimmy Green” was adored and quite spoiled. Jim showed promise at an early age. His ambition, energy, and exuberant enthusiasm took him far from his humble beginnings. As a youngster growing up in Oklahoma, he started a small business at 14, with the support of his family, milking cows, & selling the milk to friends and neighbors. As he grew older his interests broadened to carpentry and construction. He proudly built his first house before finishing high school.

Jim attended the University of Oklahoma majoring in Architectural Engineering. He met and married his childhood sweetheart, Anne Ralls, in Duncan, OK. They were married 8 years & had 3 daughters: Melany, born in Duncan, Lisa and Shelley born in Colorado Springs.

Jim moved from Comanche, OK to Colorado Springs and began a successful career investing in real estate, and building a thriving construction business; building trailer parks, single family homes, apartment complexes, & shopping centers. Moreover, Jim custom built his own cabins in the Colorado mountains to indulge his favorite hobbies and spend leisure time with family & friends.

Jim’s business partner introduced him to his second wife, Emma-Jo. They eloped to Mexico City and their marriage lasted 58 years until her passing in 2019. Jim and Emma-Jo enjoyed over 20+ years of wanderlust, traveling all over the USA, including Alaska, Mexico, and Canada in their RV. When they exhausted their bohemian adventures on the road, they were ready for yet another exciting chapter, as snowbirds, spending their summer/fall in Colorado, and winters in Kona, Hawaii. Jim, ever the entrepreneur, put his Oklahoma “know-how” farming skills right to work; buying dilapidated Kona coffee farms and refurbishing them. In addition to harvesting a bountiful crop of coffee beans year after year, he planted macadamia nut trees that yielded the same generous bounty. This was not only a successful business venture during his “retirement” years but a lot of fun for Jim. Jim & Emma-Jo had a wonderful circle of friends in Hawaii. They were long time members of the Kona Yacht Club, joining friends regularly for sunset dining along the shore, lively conversation, entertainment, and music.

In addition to his daughters, he is survived by his sons-in-law, Howard (Melany) & John (Shelley); 6 grandchildren: Dan, Matt, Katie (Mike), Lance, Johnny & Rachel (Ray); two great grandsons, Ry and Luca; niece, Leslie; nephew, Larry; and many loyal friends, including Carl Edgerton & Al Clancy; plus a special mention for his kind and dedicated caregivers, Jessica and Roderick. 

Aloha, Dad! Your abiding spirit will forever live in our hearts. 

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  1. Sorry Jim, we won’t be able to tell stories about all the wonderful jobs you have done. Your time hunting, looking at new land and houses. I wished we could have taken one last trip to Durango. You and EJ had such good times down there. I am sure now you are telling everyone who you played football against and the size of fish you are catching. Sorry we couldn’t go to tee pee fishing again. You are a great man in our past and where you are now. Sorry I couldn’t be with you at the end. You had some great friends and caretakers. May you finally be at peace.

  2. As the sister of Jim’s former wife, Anne, I was fortunate to have been witness to his “larger than life” existence. His exhuberance, warmth and humor attracted many friends throughout his long life. He was a “rare one” and will greatly missed by his family and many fans. Rest in peace, Jim.

  3. What a wonderfully exciting life of love and adventures your father had. I know you all will miss him dearly as he continues his adventures in a higher realm. It would have been a pleasure to have met him and heard some of his tales of life. I hope you are blessed with peace at this time of his passing, he has blessed you with a life full of memories.

  4. What a beautiful obituary, he sounded like a wonderful man. May your family be blessed Lisa, with God’s Amazing Love.

  5. David and i simply said “ Loved Jim and Emma Jo from first meeting”.. They will be remembered in my heart and David is greeting Jim in Heaven already.; The Intelligent duo in heaven.
    Jim was Always Fun to be with he WAS hospitality personified ! I loved to dance with him. He was a mover and a shaker with the best smile in Kina, HI.

  6. So sorry lisa

  7. What an excellent choice of photo for this remembrance (Jim fishing)! As the nephew of Jim’s former wife, Anne, I have fond memories of fishing with Jim in Deckers along with Anne’s father, Manton. What a joy it was spending time in his company no matter the setting! He was blessed with an amazing, contagious energy and youthful curiosity about the world that drew everybody around him in. We’ll miss you, one-of-a-kind Jim Green! Rest In Peace.

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