Lynda, age 75, was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico to James Lewis and Mary Ann Graham. She is survived by her older sister, Judy Harms (CO), and her two younger sisters: Leslie (IL), and Mary Ann (CO). She is also survived by her two sons: James and Preston; daughter, Andrea; and nieces: Margarett, Lynette, Lyndsay; and nephews: Jacob, Mathew, and Vance; three grandsons: Isaiah, Mark, Daniel; and three granddaughters: Salina, Katrina, and Holly. She married Jerry Lynn Hobbs and was widowed in 1975 but found true love in Jim Kurts and Frankie L Berry later in life.

She was a resident of Colorado Springs for 35 years. Untold numbers of strangers, friends, and acquaintances will be sad to learn of the loss of this one-of-a-kind woman. Lynda spent the greater part of her 75 years serving customers in numerous cafes, restaurants, flea markets, selling venues, and yard sales across the front range from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne.

Lynda used her unstoppable energy to serve others at numerous restaurants including The Western Omelette, The Mason Jar, and selling jewelry at Bloom’s. Lynda graced each new person with warmth, empathy, and a special type of charisma, despite the unrelenting pain she experienced due to failing organs for the last 35 years of her life.

Living as a Gypsy, she traveled the country with her boys giving them an education like no other. In her travels she helped countless souls and nursed many lost and damaged wild people, animals and pets back to safety and comfort. She was clean, meticulous, creative and demanding in nature, yet free spirited and kind, the true epitome of what loving your neighbor is all about. She was faithful to the Lord without question with a kind heart and stern tongue, incredible tenacity, independence, and selfless care of others and animals.

Lynda did not fit with the world. She attempted to find her way but always regretted not following her true passion of racing cars. She struggled to find what best fit for her. She tried to make sure her boys were thankful for their lives after the loss of her husband and their father in a tragic motorcycle accident in 1975. She always said life was an adventure and can be taken away from you at a moment’s notice. Gifted in premonitions, empathy, boundless energy, and doses of extra love, Lynda was poorly understood by those closest to her. She was loved by her sisters, children, and friends, and will be cherished by all those she graced in her life.

Remembrance Services are to be casual outdoors at the Red Rock Canyon trailhead at Red Rocks open space, located at Ridge Road and East Hwy 24, on January 6, 2024. Please stop by anytime between noon and 3pm to pay your respects.

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