Myrtice Juanita Moeglein, age 77, passed away, March 15, 2022. Myrtice moved to Colorado Springs, CO from St. Paul, MN in 1973. Myrtice was born December 2, 1944, to Nick Pater and Dorothy (Coulter) Lauf. She is survived by her boyfriend, Tom Baskin; her daughters: Laurie Moeglein and Rhonda Schultz; her grandchildren: Ian Barr and Zac Barr; her grand-dog, Fang; and her best friend, Carol Mohr.

Myrtice earned a master’s degree in procurement, and worked at the Air Force Academy, but her passion was the fine arts, and in her later years she dedicated much of her time to painting. She was active in the arts community, and she won awards for her work.  She preferred to work with watercolors, and she had a layered modern style of painting.

She loved to meet Carol and her friends for happy hour at Señor Manuel’s, watching football, Game of Thrones or walking with Tom, and shopping with her daughters and grandsons. She was a comedic storyteller, and it was always a mystery to everyone how much of her stories were true (unless the story happened to be about you) …she loved to keep her grandsons guessing and laughing all the time. It was a favorite pastime of the grandsons to simultaneously annoy their aunt and mother and delight their grandmother by getting her going. The more outrageous the story the better as far as they were concerned.

She was a devoted partner, mother, grandmother, and friend. She passed with all these people that she loved by her side, and we will miss her very much!

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  1. To you Laurie and Rhonda,
    My home is filled with wonderful creative art from your mother, Myrtice. Not only that but my closet also has great memories of carefully purchased “arty” clothes. Some are clothes she gifted me as well as other things we purchased together on one of our many art and shopping trips. For sure, she will be missed although sadly I hadn’t seen her in the past few years. I will always regret that. My heart breaks knowing that I didn’t visit her in final days to tell her that she was loved.

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