Rande L. Barker passed away on Sunday, January 21, 2024, at Springs Ranch Nursing facility. She was a resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado and made her home here in Colorado as a Texas transplant in 2007. Rande was born in Austin, Texas on October 29, 1948. One of three daughters born to Col. William R. Barker and Alvis Geneva Ballard. Rande is survived by her sisters: Tracie and Sharon; her two children: Nathan and Erin; and three grandchildren: Taylor, Peyton and Brynn Rose.

In her early years Rande was no stranger to traveling. Her sisters estimate they attended thirteen schools during the course of their upbringing and lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Rhode Island and Germany. Being an “Air Force Brat” primed young Rande for travel and her career took her down that path. She graduated from AA Stewardess College in 1968.

Even though Rande was hampered by early onset Parkinson’s (age 49) she still managed to enjoy a full and productive life and fought so hard on a daily basis to maintain normalcy. She had a long and successful career as a Flight Attendant with American Airlines spanning thirty-eight years, flying both domestically and internationally. She was married to Stephen Probst (preceded in death) for thirty-six years and still found the time and energy to pursue her career and raise two wonderful children.

After her early diagnosis, Rande volunteered to take part in an experimental Parkinson’s study that involved planting cells from the human eye into the Cerebral Cortex. She took part in the study not only for her own potential benefit but also because it would further the understanding of how Parkinson’s works and would be of help to those patients coming after her. After the initial dangerous surgery in 2006, she spent five years traveling back and forth to Houston as part of the follow up.

Rande’s joie de vivre came from many sources, not the least of which included artistic pursuits; she made jewelry, painted abstract pictures, painted furniture and rooms, and composed wonderful stories and collages. Her favorite poem was “Even This Shall Pass Away” by Theodore Tilton.  Rande also loved to shop and was an eagle-eyed predator when it came to bargains and discounts. She had an eye for antiques and near antique (junk) furniture that still had life in it.

She was talented and had a great sense of humor. Her beauty, outgoing personality and sharp wit allowed her access to the modeling industry. She did several photographic and film (not video back then) projects and was in a Scott’s Liquid Gold TV commercial. She was also a regular at the Tanya Blair Agency in Dallas, Texas.

Because of the Parkinson’s, in her later life, Rande had to fight through many physical and mental difficulties, yet she maintained a positive outlook. She was thoughtful of others, energetic and enthusiastic in her pursuits and to the end she leaned on her longtime friend and companion, John. She will be remembered with love and affection by those who were fortunate enough to know her. May God bless her and welcome her with open arms, as her final flight takes her home.

… Lady, fairest ever seen,

Was the bride he crowned his queen.

Pillowed on his marriage bed,

Softly to his soul he said:

“Though no bridegroom ever pressed

Fairer bosom to his breast,

Mortal flesh must come to clay-

Even this shall pass away” … T. Tilton

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  1. I’m so sorry, JB. You must miss Rande terribly. She had a strong desire to live the best she could and she was an inspiration to me. I will miss her. My prayers are with you as you grieve.

  2. Forever in my Heart .Thank You for letting me care for you .

  3. My deepest sympathy JB. Rande loved you so much and you were always there for her. She loved her therapy dog Gracie, preceded in death, and waiting for Rande in heaven. Her loyal dog Madison visited Rande often when she moved to Springs Ranch Nursing facility. Rande was always there for me in the milestones of my life offering to help. Love you big sister.

  4. You will be missed my friend. I loved our little conversations when it was just you and and I. I loved your fashion and wittiness and knowledge and you really helped me during a difficult time in my life you chose me as your caregiver and I am forever thankful for the honor. Rest easy my friend and stay sassy. Condolences to JB, your family and everyone you brought joy to.

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