November 18, 1958 – May 22, 2022

Steve grew up in Wausau and graduated from Wausau East.  He was an outstanding athlete.  After high school he was drafted by the California Angels as a catcher.  He turned down the offer and instead played college baseball in Missouri.  A lifelong Packer fan—his great uncle was head coach of the Packers and is responsible for changing the color of uniforms from blue to green. After college Steve relocated to Hawaii for the next twenty years.  He embraced the ocean and the beauty of Hawaii.   His love for the outdoors and nature were a perfect fit for him.  He ran the Kolekole half marathon which is billed as Hawaii’s toughest half race as the first six miles are up a mountain.  He also loved the Kuliouou Ridge Trail which he hiked numerous times. 

In late 2001 Steve moved to Colorado Springs where he met Lori.  They were together till his passing.  Lori and her extended family embraced and loved Steve.  They provided him with a very loving environment.   In 2010 he commented “this is incredible where I’m living now and I’m a grandpa”.

Steve never sent an email or text in his life. He considered his cell phone just that – a phone.  His idea of social media was to call or visit someone if they were sick or going through a rough patch.  You never went without if Steve and Lori were holding a gathering as they always made sure you had enough to eat or drink.  The gatherings were enhanced by Steve’s quick wit.  You never left without your stomach hurting from laughing so much.

One of Steve’s professions was landscaping—he loved the work.  He especially loved the finished product.  He loved nothing better than having a landscaped yard with numerous flowers.  He was still doing landscaping till a few days before his passing.  His other passion was animals; he did not meet an animal that he did not love.  A few months ago, their dog had surgery and Steve stayed up with him more than twenty-four hours to make sure he was cared for. 

Steve loved his brother Mark, his nieces and nephew (Erin, Nicole and Dylan) with all his heart.  Steve was always very proud to talk about them and their families.  He also loved and had a very special relationship with his neighbors, Shelia and JD. They were like family to him.  His lifelong friend, Kim Shipway, will miss their adventures and heartfelt conversations. He will be missed by many—he left us all way too early.

Steve was preceded in death by his parents Delbert and Grace.     

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  1. Truer words were never spoken. Several years ago Kathy and I went to Hawaii and we were able to meet up with Steve. He took the whole day and took us hiking and showing us around with the evening capped off with dinner and sitting on the beach. It was a very memorable trip and Steve took the time to make it that way. Now go rest high on that mountain.
    Gary and Kathy Schneck

  2. What a full life Steve lived in his short years! We will always remember that big bright smile that he flashed all the time. Our condolences to Mark ,Lori and your families. We are so sorry for your loss of such a magnanimous Brother, friend, and uncle.

  3. I am still at a loss for words, but they will come when I am somewhat collected. You were my brother, my protector, and teammate. A nicer, more caring, considerate and down-to-earth person will never cross my path in this lifetime. Give Mom and Dad a hug for me, Steve. I am most certain they are happy to be with you again, but perhaps not as happy as I am sad with your departure. I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH ?❤️❤️❤️

  4. Dearest Lori & Steve,

    I will FOREVER remember the times at your lovely home for Packer Super bowl weekend
    The most beautiful part of knowing you both ?? was watching the interest you shared that made a relationship so very important in our later years.“FRIENDSHIP”
    watching you two (HIGH -5’s and jumping for joy about sports or just something you thought was so cool together “Like cooking “ or Carter’s games Steve talked about. I remember on Super Bowl Sunday Steve was barbecuing in the backyard and he expressed. I now have a family and “oh my goodness “ I am a grandfather as well. I thought to myself…that’s huge…! and he took it serious…!
    Those are the things that really stood out about your lovely Steve Lori (Real life )
    Many beautiful things to look at and will always count (dear Lori.
    In the Bible, it says…. we will all meet again. I truly believe that God takes us from this first earthly life and then Shows us his plans. (God‘s plans)

    Maybe Steve’s in heaven gardening and I’m sure will be watching Packer football in ANGEL FORM with Lori, Mark, Kim & JD.
    as Lori mentioned ….look out for the Angel dimes.
    Your lovely Steve would not want anybody to be sad for very long.
    And thanks for touching so many lives.
    You are definitely one of a kind and YOU will not be forgotten…!!
    Everyone will talk about you with a smile or a laugh until you all meet again.
    Eternal life????

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