Tamara “Shannon” Haden Critcher of Colorado Springs passed away on July 26, 2023, after a long and hard battle with colorectal cancer.

Shannon was born in Hollywood, Los Angeles, on March 13, 1969, to Ronald Gene and Virginia Louise (Strope) Haden.

Before she turned two, they took Shannon and her sister to the wilds of Alaska where they lived in an army tent while her dad was building a house from the ground up. Some of her first foods were wild caught salmon and bear.

Circumstances relocated the family to Colorado when she was four years old. She had a relatively carefree and happy childhood riding bicycles, skating with her friends, and doing flips off the bars. She excelled at gymnastics and from a young age had a propensity and talent for art. In grade school, her painting was chosen to be displayed at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Museum.

Art was her lifelong passion, and she was adept at turning trash into treasure. She loved all the art mediums, but she was exceptionally talented at drawing and painting. She often gave the finished works to her family and friends, and we will cherish them always.

Shannon had three precious daughters: Savanah Gabrial (33), Hailey Amanda (24), and Rachel Jordan (22). Although some of her regretted life decisions caused her to not always be with them, she dearly loved them and knew that these girls and her grandchildren (Liam, Elouise and Poppy) were her finest life accomplishments.

Shannon is survived by her daughters; and grandchildren; her sister, Stacie Ann; and her brother, Ronald “Spencer”.

She will be so very missed by her friends and family who can take solace that she is in the loving arms of her mom, and she is painting sunsets to share with us all.

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  1. Shannon was a very dear friend and will be deeply missed, I grieve alongside everyone who knew her as I did

  2. I didn’t know Shannon well. But my grandson Pau married her beautiful daughter, Hailey. You will be genuinely missed by everyone who knew you. I am so happy I got to talk with you the week before. I know you will be watching over your little family. RIP Shannon

  3. I knew you for so long but really got to know you these last few years. You beautified everything you touched! I will miss you so deeply!! I will say it again the world is a less interesting place with you not in it. I think our hearts can only break so much, you take a piece of mine with you!! And what a beautiful legacy!!! You will never been gone or forgotten. Love you!!

  4. You were loved Auntie Shannon. ❤️

  5. Shannon was a huge part of my life. I went through so many life changes with her. I looked up to her a lot and she helped me through really dark times. We took our cosmetology test side by side and after being roommates classmates and close friends she still was the guiding light from miles away. She taught me a lot. We laughed we argued we cried on a few occasions from the ridiculousness and antics of our circumstances but always was the one to find the positive in any situation and force logic in emotional circumstances .I love her so much. I cannot even fathom the fact that this is real at all. I’m crushed and confused. I know that all she ever wanted was her daughters in her life again. Her choices led her down a path and she worked hard literally blood sweat and tears to change for the better and get to a place where her girls would forgive her a d want her in their lives. I love her I’m so broken hearted right now I cannot think. I’m so so sorry for your loss. But that woman was seriously. My best best friend and I love her so much

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