Theresa Irene Amblad.  Beloved wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.  A Child of God.

Theresa passed away on July 6, 2020 in her home surrounded by her husband and son, the final chapter in her 19-year battle with breast cancer.

Theresa was born November 7, 1971 in Wiesbaden, Germany, to John and Anna Murray.  In her words, the family was now complete since the perfect child had been born.  Her three older brothers might disagree with that assessment.  Following that European assignment, her family returned to the states, settling in Moore, OK, where Theresa grew up.  Throughout her school years, she was a standout athlete in track and softball, and was very involved in her church.  In 1994 Theresa graduated from Oklahoma Christian University.  In 1996 she met her future husband Tom, and they were married in 1998.  Immediately after the wedding, the Navy ordered them to Colorado Springs, a town they would grow to love and where their son Tevis was born in September of 2000.  Their 22 years of marriage took them to several duty stations in the US and abroad to Italy and Germany.  In 2019 they returned from their 13 years overseas and settled in the countryside south of Colorado Springs, their last move and likely retirement location.

Theresa variously was employed as a police officer in Dallas, Texas, as a department manager at Home Depot, a personal trainer, and while stationed overseas she worked as the Religious Education Coordinator for the Army Garrison in Stuttgart, Germany.  But through all of those jobs, what she cherished most was being a mom and wife raising her two boys.  She was a woman of immense faith and spent innumerable hours volunteering in organizations that served military families where she lived, notably providing a Christian-based mentorship to younger military wives through the Protestant Women of the Chapel.  Her servant heart led her to reach out to anyone and everyone afflicted with cancer to provide comfort and hope in their time of need, even when she was going through painful treatments herself.  Doctors, nurses and other caretakers marveled at her strength during these times.  Theresa would always attribute that to her faith in God through whom all things are possible.

Theresa was preceded in death by her father and several aunts and uncles.  She is survived by her husband and son, her mother and brothers, and a multitude of friends and loved ones whom she touched throughout her life.

A service celebrating her life will be held at the First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs on August 13, 2020 which will be live streamed to ensure that friends and family around the world can join.  Always putting others ahead of herself, Theresa’s wish is that in lieu of gifts or flowers, people donate to further breast cancer research so that other people and families fighting the same fight can find hope.  Theresa had close ties to the Susan Komen Foundation and a donation in her memory is greatly appreciated.

This accompanying photo is how we all remember her – strong and full of life, with a full smile and twinkle in her eye that drew everyone to her.  She will be sorely missed.

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  1. Theresa was a leader on and off the field. I’m so blessed that God crossed our paths in our youth. We grew up together playing softball together and develop a close friendship. Theresa always provided a calming sense of comfort when you were in her presence. Always telling you the truth even if it hurt however always had your best interest! There’s so many memories with her from softball, to vacations together, sleepovers with scary movie nights and countless hours on the trampoline. One thing that always makes me think of her still to this day is when I make a tuna sandwich. One day after a sleep over, we bounced on trampoline that morning and came in for lunch at her house. She said we have tuna and I agreed that would be great. She asked what I liked in it and I said pickles and boiled eggs with mayo. We didn’t have boiled eggs so she said just scramble an egg it’s faster. An egg is an egg right, no matter how it’s cooked? Every time I have tuna I always remember that day and think of her. She always had a way to make you think outside the box. I know it’s silly but it makes me think of her and makes me smile. My thoughts and prayers go out to Tom, Tevis, Anna and her brothers. Thanks for sharing your special person with us!! I love her and will miss her!!! #5 always had my back on and off the field!! You will be truly missed, not goodbye just see you soon one day my friend!!

  2. We met almost exactly 30 years ago (August 1990 to be exact) as bright eyed wild freshmen in college!! There-sa in her loving way took this lost and lonely Wyoming girl under her wing and taught me how to survive in Oklahoma!! I’m so blessed to have called her friend and sister in Christ!! My favorite memory is of taking her snowmobiling over spring break and watching her play in chest deep fresh Wyoming powder (something very strange to and amazing to her)!! I was able to say good buy in person when Tom brought her to Wyoming last year, and in her final days which was a gift!! Death is the enemy but with salvation we will be reunited! She is glorified and has her perfection! I rejoice in her life and in her salvation, take peace knowing she with her Heavenly Father! She loved her life fast and left early but blessed many!!

  3. Tom and Tevis,

    I am so sorry to hear of Theresa’s passing and am sending prayers of love and peace. When we were in Italy, she made me a bracelet that I wore when I birthed my son. She went on to care for him, pushing him a stroller outride of the fitness center so I could get a much needed break and work out. She was a dear friend to me when I needed I. Although I have not spoken with her or seen her in years, I miss her presence. 🙏🏻

  4. Theresa is missed very much by so many and my heart breaks you all. Tom and Tevis I am here for you always. I am keeping everyone who was blessed to know her in my prayers. May we all be a little closer, to carry her in our hearts forever. Love and prayers.

  5. Theresa was an amazingly faithful, strong, and caring person. She reached out to me and friended me at a time when I was floundering around military life and struggling with a loss. I will be forever grateful to her for that. I have tried to pass that kindness along. I cherish many memories, but appreciate the most recent when we caught up in Germany. She was shining and her strength And confidence were evident. She will be missed by many. Her kindness and love will carry on through others.

  6. Theresa was such a sweet friend and a fierce softball player. She brought her team, the Superstars, many victories with her determination not to let anyone cross her home plate. She loved the LORD which showed in her words and actions. She is walking the streets of glory right now. I look forward to seeing her again someday when I am welcomed into the final home plate, Heaven, by Theresa.

  7. Our deepest condolences to you and your family. She was an amazing bright light for years in Stuttgart where she was a calming voice year after year during the SCSC Bazaar. She was the glue that kept us together.

  8. As a novice Sunday School teacher, I met Theresa when she was the religious education center coordinator. Since meeting professionally, we became friends. Since my regular job had me working just across the parking lot from her office, I would often visit to shoot the breeze or to vent about whatever ridiculousness was going on at my work. Ever since I knew her, Theresa was an awesome person and went out of her way to help however she could. May her memory be for a blessing.

  9. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  10. Words cannot express the shared loss of all who knew and loved her. Your loss is so much deeper. Know that every day prayers are sent heavenward for all of her family. Love and hugs for you all.
    Theresa, thanks for the shared adventures and for sharing your heart, strength and at times your home and family with me.

  11. I will miss her a lot. Tom I am so glad that you came into her life. You have been good to her all these years and taken care of her. You also gave me my favorite youngest grandson. Thanks for everything you did for her. Keep living a good life

  12. Reading this brought a flood of emotions. Theresa came into my life when I needed her more than I ever knew possible. She beat the crap out of me in the gym as my personal trainer and loved me hard as we became more than trainer and trainee. Theresa fought so hard for so long and her faith in God was something we should all follow. She was strong, beautiful, happy, funny, loving, and the kindest person I have ever met. Her strength smile and love for life and family will always be things I remember. Miss you Theresa. You are a gem.

  13. I was blessed to know Theresa, as she was the best personal trainer and one of the kindest people I’ve known. Her strength (in/out) and faith was inspiring, as you could see how God was working through her especially when times were hard. She will be missed, but thankful for knowing her, and praying for Tom, Tevis and her family.

  14. I don’t think it possible to have one top memory. But one that always makes me laugh: Theresa was in RBK and her iron was low. This was after her surgery. She was struggling to get it up. I am a true southerner so I called a couple of our friends and we proceeded to make food. I went home and made her a hamburger, cooked in a cast iron skillet. I buttered and toasted the bread and put each condiment in a separate zip lock bag. One of the other ladies made brownies. We went to RBK and I handed her the burger. As I was explaining all her condiment options, she gave me these big eyes and ate the entire burger before I put anything one it. When I make burgers in my skillet, I always smile. We were such great friends. I just can’t imagine this world without her. Tom and Tevis, you are loved and know that Theresa loved you more than life it’s self. She always talked about what a great husband you were.
    I love you all.

  15. I met Theresa only once, when she and Tom brought Tevis to Pullman, WA on a whirlwind college tour. By the end of the visit, she felt like a long-time friend and I loved her contagious energy and spirit. Tom and Tevis, I am so sad for your loss. May your wonderful memories fill your thoughts. Sending love to you.

  16. For me it will always be when my daughter who was probably 6 or 7 @ the time, got up at during the greeting time @ church and just went and sat with Theresa & Tom. I was trying to get her back & she wouldn’t come to me. Theresa just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders and said “ I guess Alys sitting w/ us today” My daughter sat w/ them for weeks after that because “ Ms. Theresa said I could”.

  17. Theresa Irene Amblad is a legend in the Stuttgart, Germany military community. She is / was – without contestation, someone who was committed to “making an impact for eternity!” She served for a period (I think) approaching almost a decade in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Theresa and her family worked arduously and tirelessly to advance the Lord’s strategic objectives – ensuring the spiritual needs of the U.S. Service and Family Members were advanced, satisfied and continued to advance into the future.
    We mourn your loss . . . but know that we will see you again. We do not weep as those who have no hope because we know where your true faith and allegiance reside.
    I only hope that we who are alive and remain may continue to assume your mantel of spiritual authority and responsibility . . . impacting, shaping and scoping eternal success for those who are seeking hope, truth and life.

  18. She was the other pea in my pod. Family brought us together, but friendship kept our hearts close. She was my go-to shoulder to lean on. How blessed my family has been because of her. So many precious memories…

    Thank you, Tom and Tevis, for always being willing to share her with me. You both have such a special place in my heart because of your unselfishness. She couldn’t have asked or had a better husband or son. In her own words….” when I think of them, I just can’t get passed… I love you.” What a legacy to be remembered by.

  19. Lana, Robert, and I are sad to learn of Theresa’s passing. She was a bright light in the world and a tremendous fighter. Her constant Faith was an inspiration for all. Heartfelt Condolences to Tom, Tevis, and the rest of your family. We will hold you in our prayers as we remember Theresa fondly.

  20. I did not know this person but know a couple of people with the Amblad name. I am sure she was a wonderful person and Heaven is better for having her there. I know she will be missed. Rest In Peace.

  21. I don’t exactly recall the first time I met Theresa, ’95 or ’96 Tom? I met Tom in flight school and the two of us were in the same squadron and shared the best 6 man stateroom on the USS George Washington. Then the Navy took us to OK, which is where Theresa entered the picture. She was very comfortable in her own skin and could dish it out as well as a bunch of Naval Aviators. She fit in immediately. Tevis was born about the same time as my second son, so there were early playdates. I was Tom’s assistant in the middle of our dept head tour when she was first diagnosed. We were crazy busy. Our position was very short, so Tom and I were never in the office together for more than a day. As one of us returned from a trip, the other was leaving. In this crazy/stressful time of diagnosis and treatment, Tom missed ONE road trip. As much as Tom is a total team player and true professional, that speaks to how fierce Theresa was/is. After that, our paths and careers diverged. I last saw Theresa several years ago, here in OKC. She was radiant and happy. Tevis was getting ready to start college and she and Tom were preparing to return to Colorado. When we discussed her cancer, she was very matter of fact that she knew that it was only a matter of time. Please don’t read that as she had given up the fight, far from it. She said it with a twinkle in her eyes that told us that she had plenty of fight-and life-left. What truly stuck us most was her faith. “God has got this.” she said. She knew exactly who she was and was completely at peace with God’s plan for her. It was an amazing visit. She is an amazing woman. That her physical body is no longer with us doesn’t change that fact. I ache for Tom and Tevis. I was blessed to have had Theresa in my life.

  22. Tom and Tevis, Theresa was an absolute beacon in a sometimes dreary world. She fought a valiant fight and absolutely made everyone around her a better person. Spending a New Years Eve with all of you was one of the highlights of our trip to Germany. Our kids still talk about it and the crazy amount of ordnance (fireworks) we launched from your yard. Seeing you all at the Christmas Eve service during that trip was were I realized Theresa’s commitment to her Lord and Savior. Thank you and Tevis for sharing her with us and know that your are in our thoughts and prayers.

  23. Theresa was fierce- she loved her family and closest friends with fervor. She spoke her mind fearlessly. We sat behind the Amblad’s in church for 6.5 years. Our daughter graduated with Tevis and they served together in JROTC. We were in Bible Studies together and served on Parish Council. She deemed me “the idea fairy” and I soon learned she called it like she saw it. We were in a family game night for about a year together and she had the biggest heart for the kids to win! She gave and gave, loved, and served.

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